Sunday, 6 March 2011

beautiful banners

Our little one is nearly a whole year old already. I remember being told once (by an OLD person) that time speeds up the older you get but all I remember thinking was "yeah, yeah, blah, blah, yeah". Sigh. The innocence of youth. Anyway, back to special birthdays.

I stumbled across this wonderful post and decided to adapt it from a Valentines idea to make little one a birthday banner/birthday decoration. After cutting out the hearts from some plain and patterned card, we cut out letters from this site to spell "Happy Birthday". Then I sewed the hearts together on the sewing machine.

Birthday bunting

Montessori talks of the importance of beautiful items and a beautiful environment and these certainly look so pretty.

Birthday bunting

I suppose at this point I should say we are Montessori inspired with a bit of Waldorf thrown in...the Waldorf bit of our birthday celebration will be a birthday ring decorated with items personal to C. Part of the "personal" bit is her love of cats and dogs, for which I want to make a felt dog and cat. So far I have a sheet of black felt, brown felt and white felt. HELP!

As far as gifts go, we will buck the excesses usually associated with celebrations by giving a few simple, natural and age appropriate presents. And books. Lots of books. She ADORES books and enjoys the DK Publishing Peekaboo series but her absolute favourites at the moment are Global Babies; Carry Me; Dog and of course; Cat. It is surprising how difficult it is to find books with real photos in, especially here in the UK.

If you have any book recommendations or know how to make a 2" felt dog or cat then please leave a comment! Roll on the big day.

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