Thursday, 17 March 2011

roosters and rescue

We are working on becoming more self sufficient in the coming months - although realistically it may take years! We should have our first veggies and salad later on in the year and are actually forward planning for next year too.  As much as we would love to be vegetarian, it isn't going to happen so we are forced to think about meat products. H aving thought about it for a nano-second we decided that eggs and a trip to the village butcher will be enough for now. Voila...

The Girls

More Girls

We re-homed four ex-battery hens from Little Hen Rescue and whilst we were there also adopted a fine young man, who we have called Brutus.  Brutus is also a rescue.  He was one of many chickens removed from Chicken Roundabout  (I could swear that's him standing on the pavement on homepage).  In this household the fact he has a name means that he will always be safe from the pot (told you we were softies).  I know at some point we will have to think about his unwanted male progeny but for now we're enjoying watching him lead his flock of rangy-looking hens around the paddock discovering their natural behaviours.


And the bonus is that our little one will have many opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.

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