Friday, 4 March 2011

pickers and stickers

Picking stickers

It is only polite that as you have taken the time to drop by that I offer a quick introduction. So here goes,I am a full-time (grand) parent to C, who is nearly one and I have no formal Montessori training what-so-ever, but I read and research A LOT. Some of the blogs I follow offer a wealth of information too but nothing in my opinion replaces hands on learning - or maybe that should that be "eyes on" learning, as according to Maria Montessori you have to observe the child to be able to identify where the child is at in development terms.

That brings me onto my adorable (aren't they all?) grand-daughter. Although mobile, she far prefers refining her "fine motor" skills to perfecting the gross motor ones. To be honest she spends so much time on her cute bottom that I don't think her fine motor skills can be any finer tuned! Of course, I'm only joking. I am making the most of this sensitive period by making everything as small as possible. She loves eating at a time...she enjoys pressing forefinger at a time and she LOVES peeling stickers. So our most popular activity on her playroom shelves are sticker covered bricks. The advantage of the stickers being on the bricks is that she is already familiar with the bricks and knows that the stickers aren't always there and therefore that they come off. I did try just giving her a sheet of stickers but they weren't easy enough for her so she got bored very quickly and of course frustration is not conducive to learning patience and concentration.

To be honest I'm quite enjoying thinking up new activities to interest her. This Montessori thing could turn out to be good for my patience and concentration too.



  1. And soon she'll be growing the peas she eats one at a time xxx

  2. What a great idea! My son is also more into picking the stickers off of the paper but has a really hard time. I can't wait to see if he enjoys picking them off some blocks! I'm really looking forward to reading more of your blog. I am a SAHM who is also very interested in Montessori's ideas. Thanks!