Thursday, 21 April 2011

dogs and dandelions

Wow, I hadn't realised how long it had been since I've been on my blog. We have had such gorgeous weather that we have been busying around outside, growing crops and playing. One of the unintentional crops we are growing is dandelions. They are littered all over the paddock and C loves them. True enough they are pretty to look at, but that's not what she loves about them - she loves eating them! Although they're really good for you they're not on my 5-a-day list, so she's welcome to them. They stick out like mini Belisha beacons and as she grazes around the paddock, not many have escaped her tasting.

Dandelion tasting

We are lucky enough to have a good outside space to accommodate a small orchard; our veggie plot; chickens and, a final indulgence, my dog agility playground.

Team work

C loves sitting on the grass watching me run the dogs and playing with them; hopefully she will enjoy running them herself one day. She certainly seems to enjoy being around them at the moment. Agility is such a fun activity, for handler and dog, even C's pushing-70-great-grandmother had a go at 'running' one of our Norwich Terriers. All good fun.

Young handler

2011 04 16_3885

C copies what we do with alarming consistency, even admonishing the dog's excessive barking with a "ach", like I do. She tried to silence some quarrelling birds with the same technique, although it wasn't so effective on our feathered friends. What it did do though is remind us to set good examples, in how we handle the dogs; use objects; speak to each other; and eat. I say 'eat' because these last few weeks little one has started dunking her food in her water and rubbing her belly after a meal. Grandad, we need a word....


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