Saturday, 28 May 2011

Arty Afternoon

While C had her nap I thought I would set up our first painting activity. We laid out our reflective blanket; a small ceramic dish that I bought from a charity shop for future 'sorting' activities with three paint colours and a couple of my art brushes that haven't been used for EONS.

I wasn't sure how enthusiastic she was going to be, but I could be pretty confident I would need a hand wash station, so I set that up on the opposite side of the mat.

Then she woke up. It's horrible outside so it was heating on and clothes off. She went straight over to investigate but was actually quite restrained and inquisitive rather than 'gung ho' like we thought she might be. Each colour had it's turn...a bit of red...a bit of yellow and a bit of green...

Then she investigated each end of the paintbrush. Painted with a bit of brush and a bit of stick.  It's artistic licence don't you know.

Stick painting
A bit of yellow
A bit of redA bit of green


Then came the bit I hoped for, full-on hands and feet.

Experimental techniques

When she started to wander off we thought it about time to introduce her little painty body to the handwash station. She proudly washed her hands before announcing "all gone".

Washing hands

Well done sweetheart, you're quite right, you're HANDS are clean.

All Gone

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