Thursday, 26 May 2011

Merry month of May

I should really add "but mostly April"

Practicing the flag waving

April saw the Royal Wedding (gawd bless 'em) and we held a little get together which involved much flag waving; cheering; eating and drinking all nicely finished off with a game of rounders. C watched most of it - when she wasn't waving her flag - and was probably surprised to see that we even owned such as thing, as tv doesn't feature much in our lives.  The Mentalist being the only exception.

Eating is still one of C's favourite pastimes and so, at the moment, is drinking.  From ANYTHING.  We're not complaining really as her skills are quite amazing: a dog bowl of water is quite heavy and she doesn't spill a drop!  Poor dogs now have to play hunt the water when they want a drink.  Never mind, it's all good for them getting in touch with their inner wild dog.

Even the sandy, play water isn't off limits.  Sometimes I look back at these photos and wonder whether I should have put down my camera and asked her for the jug; but what's a little bit of sandy water going to do to you that sharing your meal with your canine companions doesn't?

2011 04 23_4288_edited-1

The dropping her food in objects still continues, be it watermelon in a watering can...

2011 04 19_4221 2011 04 19_4201 2011 04 19_4203 2011 04 19_4209

 Or biscuits and olives in a drinking glass....

Or, as she was doing tonight, meticulously forking one chip, taking it off the fork; dropping it in the water then 'eating' it.  Maybe if my face didn't betray my feelings of "eurgh" and if Grandad could stop sniggering, this phase will rush on by.

C loves being in the kitchen and one 'food' activity we did give her recently was that of peeling a hard boiled egg (we have no shortage of eggs!).  I think the concentration on her face speaks for itself.

Snack time

I'm glad she enjoys being in the kitchen as much as Grandad does.

2011 05 19_4768

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