Monday, 23 January 2012

Ice, Ice Baby

It's been a choatic kind of weekend with catching up on jobs and (re) organising the messy play area in our utility room.  Isn't it typical that mid-organisation-chaos, we had impromptu visitors arrive; luckily they weren't scared off by being welcomed by me still in my dressing gown even though it was early afternoon.  Thanks hubby.  Got to love lie ins.

Anyway, I have been trawling the web for ideas of arty activities that C and I could do - the girl still LOVES her paint - and have accumulated enough project ideas to last us until she is 21.  It's so annoying though when you find some great ideas which use products which are only available stateside.  Grrrrrr.  It is probably not a bad thing that I can't get all the stuff I want as the messy area in our utility would never be big enough (neither would our purse!), so instead I will just look at this amazing play space. Sigh.

Back in the real world.

Today we made coloured ice cubes (an idea from the play room site).  In truth they were a bit grim as we only had red and black food colouring, not that C minded.  There aren't any piccys of making the ice cubes because it was done at toddler-speed, with the clearing up taking longer than the 5 second preparation.

Quick, quick before they melt
After dinner, there was a rush to have a bath (not that there's usually any lingering because the thing she loves even more than painting is water) to play with the cubes.  I wasn't terribly impressed with the colour change of the water, but then considering the colours we had used that was probably not a bad thing!  Aside from tasting them and handling them she tried to catch them as they melted in the water.  I did have photos of this but as hubby pointed out, the poor (only!) choice of using black made the melting cube look eeringly like a dead fly on the photo .  Eurgh.  It was better in real life.  Honest.


Sensory taste test
Mirror in the bath (room)

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