Monday, 30 January 2012

Water is the best medicine

Last summer I 'installed' a water dispenser in the kitchen so C could help herself to water when she wanted.  It was a very simple set-up with a water cooler/tap; a bowl for her glass; a bowl for floods  drips which the dogs/cats drank from; a bowl with small cloth for wiping spills and another bowl for wet cloths.  I figured it would not only be great for her to gain some independence and get a drink when she wanted but as she was water fixated - and still is - it would keep her occupied too.
We have been through various stages with it - C has used it to drink from various items ranging from toy teacups to her stainless teapot (drinking from the spout); she uses it to water her spider plant; to wash her hands; and to "top up" the dogs or cats bowl when it is only 3/4 full and not brimming as she thinks it should be.

A glass of water for my grandad
 But just lately it seemed it had become somewhat neglected as she can wash her hands in the kitchen sink (using her learning tower) and wants to drink from the filter tap, like she sees us doing.  In fact I was thinking of relocating it, and the what seems like one hundred bowls, permanently.

All that changed earlier today when we had a very poorly Grandad who caught the awful sickness bug that I had over the weekend (I shan't do the "man flu" thing because I get lie-ins every weekend even when I'm not ill and want to keep it that way). 

C heard me asking Grandad if he wanted a drink of water and before we knew it she had taken his glass ("carefully in two hands because it's a big glass") and trundled off to the kitchen. To be honest I cheated with this photo because she was off and coming back before I had a chance to get to the kitchen, so I asked her did she wanted to put a little bit more in?  Good job she said yes!

Perfect glass for a 9 month old!
Bless him, Grandad couldn't keep up with the supply until I created a diversion and I am sure that in the meantime Nurse Coco managed to drown all the sickness bugs, single handedly.

P.S. GREAT kids glasses are these ones from IKEA. They are thick glass (because they are suitable for hot drinks I suppose) and their good size and weight means they are stable.  They are also cheap!

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