Friday, 20 January 2012

A tube? We need a TUB!

Looking through old posts I cannot believe how much time has flown (a sign of ageing?) and how much C has grown. Nowadays we tend to do "messy play" almost every afternoon, although I am beginning to see the folly of combining toddler + messy area + utility with all my clean laundry. Hey ho, live and learn.

Anyway, the activity I chose for this particular day was a kitchen activity: making Cloud Dough. Let's just say that one small tube of nanny's card making glitter was no where near enough to satisfy small child ("more pees?" accompanied by frantic nodding).

Too much flour or not enough glitter?
Squidging flour and oil
Nanny failed in an even more spectacular fashion when trying to show C how to turn out a mould like the one on the blog. Even C's encouraging shouts of "bang bang bang" (as nanny "tapped" it on the floor with increasing ferocity) wouldn't dislodge it. But - all together now - "it's the process not the product", and on that score it was a huge success.

The "process"

Nanny's debris

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