Monday, 20 February 2012

Aldi Schmaldi

Dear Sir/madam

I am writing to complain about your staff member called 5665t* at the Brandon Store in Suffolk.  Her manner is distinctly passive aggressive; obstructive; and to describe her as a customer service individual would be an oxymoron.

What terrible deed did I do to elicit this reaction I hear you ask......I DARED to ask for 30 secs grace to unfold my shopping bags.  Don't get me wrong, I think the current practice of using customer's shopping as throwing practice (training ground for Olympic 2012?) is in particularly poor taste anyway; but as I have become adept at catching the flying groceries with my bag(s) I have been happy to combine the great food at a great price with my weekly exercise.  But not allowing one to partake (aka defend oneself) by not allowing time to unfold the catching bag is pure gamesmanship.  Oh, and I had an irritable 23 month toddler in tow.

Unsurprisingly I complained about 5665t's actions; advice; and attitude for which the the Store Manager apologised (half heartedly).  However he said the shopping procedure was visible and pointed to a sign at the start of the tills at a height my toddler could have read if she was a) able to and b) inclined to (you know what children are like); or that I would have able to read if I had fallen to my knees at the start of the till at the thought of what lay ahead.  But then I wouldn't know what anxiety lay ahead UNLESS I fell to my knees...hmmm, I'll have to think that one...I give up, let's just say I have never seen it.  Maybe if you stop putting distracting confectionery at the start of the tills then my eyes would have wandered on to it.  Who knows?  Back to Mr Manager.

Mr Manager said the policy was to SAVE CUSTOMER TIME ON TILL QUEUES and by allowing me time to unfold my bag, the seething 5665t would have been contravening company policy.

So, I SHOULD have stood by and watched whilst 5665t chucked all my food in on top of my folded bags; then moved 4 foot to an already heaving "shelf"; unpack all goods from trolley to shelf (to get my bags!); unfold my bags and then take all the food from the shelf and put them in the bags back in my trolley.  Er, that saves me time how exactly?! Oh, with an irritable 23 month toddler in tow.  I would love to see the time and motion data!

Well, I shall say the same to you as I told 5665t and Mr Manager.  If store policy is more important than customer service then I for one will vote with my feet and go back to one of "the others".  Let me know what you want me to do.  If I don't hear from you I will assume our relationship is over and I will never purchase 3 trays of your yoghurts as part of my fortnightly shopping ever again.  Which I suppose means at least there will be more yellow ones for other people.


*named changed because I am more polite than they are.

Look at the short queues...

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