Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beautiful weekend

Wow what great weather we have had this weekend.  Usually we try to get outside regardless of the weather, but the sunshine does make it easier.

Last weekend was so totally different, I know this because I remember it clearly for all the wrong reasons.  My friend and C's friend (her daughter) came over for a visit and we decided to take the girls out for a walk up to the horse with coolest moustache ever.  Truly, this horse has proper handlebars (I WILL take the photo I keep promising myself).  The plan was to go puddle jumping, so off we went donned in wellies and C wearing what a few minutes later would be the equivalent of a nylon straight jacket i.e. THE most impractical waterproof onesie which I ordered last winter.  All I will say is "wee wee"; waterproof onesie; one-legged zipper; *mud* underfoot.  ARRGHHHHH.

Back to this weekend.  In pictures.  Not a waterproof in sight.  Happy Sunday.

All wrapped up

Bit of gardening
Snack time

The playmates.


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