Sunday, 19 February 2012

Peg rail

We're STILL doing the utility room as an art area for C - it's been in progress now for what seems like months, mainly due to my ordering art stuff then having to rejig the cupboards as it arrives!  Then of course there's the small fact that I broke the sink waste on C's sink within 24 hours of darling hubby plumbing it in....Ooops So everything artfully arranged around the sink had to be temporarily displaced too.

Certain toddler didn't mind stuff EVERYWHERE and ploughed into the paints; glitter glue and anything else she could find, whilst artfully dodging the debris strewn all about her.  She soon had us join in on the fun and for a wonderful half hour (and late bedtime) we 'did' art.  All three of us crouched round her table - only one of us has a chair.

She *loves* these chubby paint markers and they're always the first off the shelf; next favourite is the glitter glue tubes...but we were intrigued when she got some googly eyes from her shelf and stuck (3) eyes on the picture - and then painted them with red marker paint.  Eek, I do hope I wasn't the inspiration!

We're watching you :)

Anyway, we then decided we wanted a way to display C's art, but in such a way that only a finite number were on show at any one time (yep, I still remember the HUGE box of art work the kids used to bring home at the end of term - kids can be prolific artists!).  Voila the peg rail.  We glue-gunned C's mini pegs on a piece of wood and put it at C's height so she can peg pictures up as she wishes and as there are a finite number of pegs, that is the number of 'pieces' she can keep up.  C was so pleased with it, she immediately pegged up the blue picture that she was doing - even though to me it looks like just a blank piece of paper.  Bless her.

I actually love it; so much so that I think we shall have a few more scattered around the place.

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