Monday, 6 February 2012

I love Louisville

I now have a mailing address in Louisville, Kentucky.  This means that I can buy all the wonderful things I couldn't have before because shops like and Discount School Supply, who didn't ship to the UK, can now ship my stuff to my new address.  Of course shipping costs are still the same but now as I can potentially save on shipping buy BUNDLING all my purchases into one BOX.  How can this be? I hear you cry; the clue is in the caps, it's....

I have ordered bits from and am waiting for some stuff from Discount School Supply to reach my new Louisville address before I book my first shipment.  Exciting times made all the more exciting because I can legitimately shop more to save me money!

The thing I particularly like about Bundlebox over other shipping forwarders is that you pay VAT and shipping fees up front.  I have wrangled with the Post Office on several occasions when they have charged me a "handling fee" on top of shipping fees for items I have received from the USA.  HA Post Office, no more handling fees for me!

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, I'll let you know when it arrives - but you'll probably hear whoops of joy from wherever you are.  Or screams of exasperation.

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