Thursday, 2 February 2012

May the foam be with you

C and I spend a lot of time at home playing with all sorts of stuff, most of the ideas pinched from the zillions of websites and blogs written by people with far more imagination than I have.  It's also handy to have a Montessori teacher for a sister.

One activity that I stumbled across and thought "cool" straight away was a glow stick bath!  Children enjoy activities which stimulate as many of the 5 senses as possible.  Sensory play.  As adults we tend to overlook the importance of multi sensorial experiences and on the first night we tried this activity Grandpa Southwellski and I were far more easily induced to play than C was.
There's a toddler there somewhere!

Night one, C wasn't happy about having all the lights off, so we left a small mirror light on.   Grandpa and I were slightly disappointed it wasn't dark because the glowy effect wasn't as glowy as we knew it could be, but we went along with it anyway....Night two, C INSISTED that all the lights went out and hunt the glowstick in the foam began.  After that C put them in the various empty plastic bottles she uses as bath toys and played with them for a good, long while.  Definite success! (Which is more than can be said of my photos)

Now I'm off to have me a bath....

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