Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our little pipette

I have presented all sorts of sensory play and activities to little miss; most of the ideas I get from various sites and blogs (why invent the wheel?) and some I am inspired to do because *I* think it's fab.   For example,
I sooooo wanted to play with the Instasnow at our Friday group and C soooo wasn't interested in even looking at it.  As you can guess I have a hard time keeping the play "child-led" instead of "Nanny-led".  A few weeks on and C still isn't interested n the fake snow, but I bought some and Grandad and I have great fun making it and squishing it.

One object/activity that has fascinated her for ages now is the humble teat pipette.  She uses it to suck the paint from the top of her chubbies; plays with it in bath; and yesterday, painted with it. We have long ones and short ones and both are a constant source of fascination.  We're not big on formally teaching her stuff as we are both strong believers in that children will learn whatever interests them (which happens not to involve Instasnow at the moment -booo!) when they are ready.  But, in case anyone with littlies is interested,  according to "experts" using a teat pipette helps develops the pincer grip which is core to building the fine motor skills necessary for writing. And there were we just thinking they were great fun!

Blowing bubbles like the pipette
Bizarrely though, she pretended to give me an injection yesterday, I have no idea where she picked that up from!  Watch out cats and dogs, there could be a game of vets coming up in the near future...
Catching bubbles

p.s. In case you were wondering, yes it is a pink bath.  Some days C can choose a coloured bath and which colour bath she wants.

I'm also planning to put different fragrances in to match the colour : e.g. strawberry fragrance with red colour; lemon frangrance with yellow etc  but as I had only just decided to do it we only had chocolate, so it was a pink, chocolate bath!

Which has just reminded of that awful pink chocolate you used to be able to buy.  Ewwwww.

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