Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Poo, Postman Pat and the dummy

I need to make one thing clear here.  We are not talking about Poo Bear.  We are talking about the "other" poo.  So where does Postman Pat come into it you may ask?  They are indeed uneasy bedfellows unless you:

a. are potty training a toddler
Cute huh?
b. are participating in potty training a toddler
c. remember potty training a toddler

I will warn you now this is a very bowel movement orientated post (the clue was in the title!) so be prepared.  But as "sharing is caring", I thought this post may well help other potty trainers.

We have been extremely lucky with potty training C; she kind of did it herself really.  She has been noticing when she is 'going' for quite a long and it was my hesitating that hindered proceedings (I wanted to wait for summer blah blah blah).  It was obvious she was physically able to control her bladder (which is the harder to control apparently) so we gave it a shot.  She had been poo-ing on the potty for quite a while when one day, after passing a motion, she said "sore".  Maybe it was all her enthusiastic straining...who knows, but I hoped that dodgy experience wouldn't lead to trouble.  Well, it very nearly did.  She refused to poo on the potty or the toilet (as she had been doing) and I had concerns that if it continued she would be fearful to go at all.  Enter "Poo Goes Home to Poo Land".

Er, Poo.
This is an amateurish NHS book, with scribbles for drawings and a simple story about Poo being unhappy and wanting to go home.  The first thing we did was take C to the other toilet (thank goodness we have 2) and hovered for a LONG time in the bathroom (with the door shut to keep the warm in you understand) and read this new story, while 'Grandad brushed his teeth' (for the 1000th time).  The first time we read it C's solution to everyone in the story who was sad (poo; the little boy; poo's family; the little boy's family) was that they needed a dummy - HAHAHAHA - too sweet.  So, we added "maybe Poo left his poo-dummy at home in Pooland?"  Wow, the things you find yourself talking about when you have children.  Did you know in Poo land they play poo games and laugh at poo jokes?  Doesn't sound too different to me!  Anyway, to cut a long story short.  It worked.  It actually blooming worked.  Poo went home and has been going home ever since.

Enter Postman Pat.  Not quite sure how she wangled that one but now every time she sits on the loo we have Poo Goes Home to Poo Land followed by Postman Pat.  She tried to sneak another story into the bathroom today but hey, half an hour sitting uncomfortably scrunched on a cold tiled floor is a small price to pay for what could have been.

I do not know how to upload a copy but if anyone wants a copy then please email me see below.

For the those who continued reading after the first paragraph and to whom points a/b/c did not apply - see, it wasn't THAT bad was it?

I have been inundated with requests and am so pleased that it has helped so many little ones.  Rather than emailing it out I have set up an Ebay item for you to buy a copy at £1.50; ALL the proceeds from sale will go to my chosen charity the Cavernoma Alliance, as cavernomas have affected our family in such a huge way.

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