Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Terrific Twos

When I was skyping my sister in New Zealand she happened to mention that C and I would soon be in the "Terrific Two" stage.  In March actually.  I much prefer this description to the OTHER one because it is so true.  C's level of understanding is certainly there; the Independence is definitely there; she is funny; trying new words everyday; and even using the potty.

Toddlers cram so many milestones in, generally all at the same time, so it's no wonder that the frustration of trying to communicate sufficiently without the vocabulary can cause a toddler meltdown.  My sister and I decided it would be a bit like us communicating in a foreign language - cue our very bizarre (and funny) conversation consisting solely of "small peas (petit pois)"; "milky coffee" and other words taken from the vast (NOT) holiday/school French vocabulary!

Two toddlers, two babies and a pushchair - solution!
Another thing thrust upon toddlers is the "learning to share" business that always seems to crop up about this time.  That got me thinking.  Would I be mightily pee'd off if one of my friends (or most likely a friend of a friend!) wandered in, picked up my camera and started using it without asking?  Er, yes I would.  What about if they started wandering around my house moving and using things as they wanted?  Well, they definitely wouldn't be invited back and on one of my less polite days would probably be asked to leave; then there's my 'I-haven't-had-chocolate' days where they would be lucky to get to the door!  Yet we expect our little ones, on play dates they haven't asked for (let's face it, it's us adults that need the company) to tolerate this during a period when they are just beginning to realise that they actually own things.

All I know is that there is a time when kids *want* to share because they want to play with other kids and selfish toddlers do not necessarily grow up to be selfish children or adults.  A friend of mine has the perfect solution - bring some toys from home for a play date!  Ok, two pushchairs and two babies aren't always enough for two toddlers but it's a blooming good start.

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