Thursday, 1 March 2012

Arty Acrylic

 We had seen acrylic easels on various education websites and whilst I thought they looked great, there was no way to justify paying the extortionate money being asked for them.  Enter handyman-carpenter-top project bloke: Grandad.

I can draw on acrylic...
The great thing about it is that it saves on paper (let's face it one painting session could easily put paid to a whole ream of paper); is easy to wash/wipe (even for toddlers); and the transparency offers another exploratory dimension.

The day Grandad bought it home C used her trusty markers.  She has since used paint; crayons; water sprays; and discovered that pencils don't work (on the acrylic that is, but they work beautifully on the wood!)
or on wood!

One incy, wincy, teensy, weensy problem though is that it needs chuffing long feet to hold the thing upright.  The same chuffing long feet that I trip over EVERYTIME I walk by it.  But it is a small price to pay because it's great fun...if you look closely you can see the flower I drew :-)

Poo update: I am so pleased to have been able to have helped *so* many people by forwarding on the story.

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