Monday, 12 March 2012

Birthday break

Big breath in!
Blimey two years old already!  I can scarcely believe it but refuse to say any more than that because I'll only be repeating what I said last year and what I'll be avoiding writing next year.

C gets what she thinks we think she needs throughout the year, as we wanted to make her birthdays less pressie focussed and more about the special birthday girl (although most kids think that pressie focussing is pretty special!).

I love the idea of "Montessori" birthday celebrations as she gets older, but for now we choose to celebrate in a Waldorf-influenced way with a Birthday Crown and birthday ring.  Note to self:  Remember you are NOT a seamstress and DO NOT start making birthday crown the night before.  Much cursing and (metres of) knotted cotton later, I was secretly very pleased with how it turned out.  It's not perfect but it was made with much, much love.  Just like Grandad's additions to the Birthday Ring.
Birthday Ring
This year's Birthday Ring saw the appearance of Jess (Postmas Pat's cat); a star (C still loves Twinkle Twinkle - especially when it is sung on Skype by her Auntie in New Zealand); and of course a number 2.  As the years go on, the "characters" will get replaced by candles (and possibly a new character) and the old characters go in the middle.  We lit our ring before C came in the room and it is kept lit on and off during the day, a constant reminder of her special day.  The Birthday Crown is also there for C to wear if she wants (she's just starting to love dressing up) and the photographs are left on the table for her.  I have been meaning to buy photo year-books from Blurb or something similar, but reckon that a good old fashioned mini album will probably do just as well.  On the to-do list for next year.
Swimming off cake

Although THE focus is on C rather than pressies, no birthday would be complete without a gift or two.  She absolutely LOVES her doll and dummy - but we are left with having to find 2 dummies at bed time instead of one!  Now the nappies have gone the dummy is definitely next, although I don't think it will be as easy.

Balloons and banners; pressies covered in playsilks; candle blowing (LOTS of times) and cake for breakfast (the perfect fuel for a weekend away at CentreParcs).
Roll on next year...but not too quickly please.

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