Monday, 26 March 2012


It's a funny old world.  I've recently read a blog where the blogger ranted about people blogging about their perfect lives (is there such a thing?); with their perfect children (who were clean so that doesn't include C!); in their perfect houses.  Ouchy.  Poor blogger.  The frequent use of the word batsh*t made me smile, but apart from that the post made me think about how honest my own blogging is.  Thought over. It's honest enough.

Who wants to read the mundane stuff of normal life i.e. "and today I cleared the dog cr*p up" (if you have a dog) and why would I want to reveal my inner-most personal thoughts (nice and oh-not-not-so-very-nice-at-all) without a cloak of anonymity?  Some blogs are like therapy; some blogs are like a soap opera; some blogs made you blooming angry or are laugh out loud funny.  I like to think my blog is the blogdom equivilent of a nice cup of tea.

And anyway, I never know just who is reading.  Or do I......... .


  1. No I know that none of us post watts and all,but some are a little too removed from reality to be true. I know blogs are personas, mine certainly is, but really, when it's all about selling a brand or an image with very little authenticity the what is the point of blogging ?

  2. That should be warts and all....damn autocorrect...

  3. That's a better autocorrect than I have had ;) I do actually agree with you to an extent - but for me I suppose I like a bit of escapism - unless I'm having a crap day then I look for a blog with empathy. But your post really DID make me think about my blog. Maybe I should have stayed anonymous in the first place. Tricky now though. Damned EvilBook.

  4. In fact - I'm going to put a "warts moment" on every post! Starting today.