Thursday, 15 March 2012

Contact cards

I've seen contact paper (sticky backed plastic to you and I in the UK) used for all sorts of crafts projects, which I will post here as I try them out. We have stuck it to windows; made a sticky box from it (more on that in another post); and used it to preserve pictures (the googly eye one).

We are the proud owners of a light table so I thought today I would try a little art project which:

a. involved the light table, because C loves it
b. involved glitter, because C loves it
c. could be used to make cards (birthday pressie Thank Yous and maybe Mother's Day)
d. would be good to use as a sun catcher - seeing as the clocks go forward soon

Anything sticky is always a hit and C loved sticking on the tissue paper; feathers and a liberal dose of glitter - at least she doesn't use the whole pot in one go any more .  You will need to cut your piece of sticky backed plastic in half first - one for decorating and one for sealing.

Get a piece of tissue paper
Stick it on the contact paper
Sprinkle some glitter

Once you have the finished masterpiece you need to stick the spare half of sticky backed plastic over the design.  I think the finished result is rather lovely.  One tip:  because of the glitter the top layer of contact paper doesn't seal as tightly as it could, so I would leave a clean gap around the edge of the decorated sheet next time.  Or you can leave out the glitter.

Glued to a card with the middle cut out

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  1. Lovely project, but yes, glitter is banned from my house. Once you give in to glitter, it haunts you for months, showing up in all kinds of places. . . .