Saturday, 24 March 2012

Have hose, will water

Watering the sky
This should be titled "have hose, will water - everything and anybody".  It's been a perfect day for watery play.  Some of us i.e. Grandad; Nanny; and "Onya" (Uncle Luke) weren't exactly willing or consensual participants in the one-sided water game, but at least the hose-holder had a blast.  Literally so, towards the end!

The hose is our veggie garden one and takes quite a lot of effort to keep the trigger pressed in - at one point C was using her more-than-ample belly!  Trigger operation is good exercise for the muscles in her little hands and squirting is great for hand/eye cordination.

Pictures speak louder than words and here are a few; please note the pink/red is actually paint; the brown is mud and can you believe she managed to stay so dirty even though she was playing with water?
Gotcha! (Uncle Luke runs for cover)


Belly control

 Shame we'll have to be more inventive next week after the hosepipe ban comes in force.

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