Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pipe and bead

Who would have thought that so much joy could be derived from a bit of plastic pipe and a pony bead.  I got the tube thinking C's magnetic marbles might fit, but they didn't.  Then I tried some wooden beads.  Too big.

As I wandered around the house wondering what *would* fit I didn't realise that the pair of eyes I thought were engaged in doing a puzzle were watching me (these kids really don't miss a trick do they?)
One, Two, Three...

When I went to the utility room (where all the crafty stuff is kept) C went straight to the small pot of pony beads - note I only ever keep a small pot of anything out because C LOVES tipping and pouring stuff.

I suppose I should have asked her what would have fitted in the tube in the first place!  With bead and pipe, playing commenced.  She started off just watching it roll around the tube and then after a while I helped her wedge the pipe in the stool so she could drop the bead in.

That little bead and plastic pipe kept her busy for at least 20 minutes.  A 20 minute miracle.

pipe: £1 ish
beads: £1 ish
20 mins play: priceless

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