Monday, 5 March 2012

They lied.

"It's so much fun"
"It's so easy to make"
"Use simple ingredients"
"easy fun with kids"

Ok.  As a little "whilst Grandad is cooking dinner" project I thought C and I would make some silly putty.  I got my cup of liquid starch and my cup of glue, all ready for C to pour into the plastic tub to mix and produce our silly putty.  What ACTUALLY happened was after a few mins (seconds?) of "mix, mix, mix" C decided to embark on her own sensory play and smeared the (very) sticky (very) liquid "stuff" on the dining table.  Hmmmm, not such a clever before-dinner project after all.

After dinner, whilst Grandad took C for her bath I was NOT going to be defeated and decided to start again, adding a bit of one then a bit of the other - whilst whisking furiously with the electric beaters.  I wanted to make Silly Putty.  But what I actually have is about the 4 litres of glue/liquid starch mix in varying containers and in varying strengths of glue/starch.

We didn't actually add baked beans...maybe we should...
Now Grandad is having a go.  I can hear the beating of the whisks as we speak.  One load is in the freezer (I think he is just desperate to see solid!); one has been cooked(!) and the other bowls are waiting their fate.

Do not try this at home!!!  Or, if you have and have actually made the stuff ppleeeeaaaasssseeeee let me in on your secret.

Alternatively, if you know of a use for 4 litres of glue/liquid starch mix then do email me, I have some you can take off my hands.

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