Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Grandad's little helper

Ever since C was a tiny babe in arms we have Grandad has had jobs to do around the house.  Some are new ones which I create on a daily basis; and others have just - hmmmm how to put it - 'lingered on'.  He would say the trouble with being a resident carpenter is that your lovely wife feels she can legitimately ask you to do things/change things, because you have the necessary skills to do so; whilst I would say the trouble with having a carpenter for a lovely husband is that...let's just say 'cobbler's children go unshod'.  Naturally in the interest of marital bliss, we are both right.

Anyway, the point being that it is no surprise that ever since C was able to, she has been Grandad's little helper, not only in the garden; and baking, but in DIY stuff too. 

1 year - Our dumpling with her hammer
She has 'helped' put together more IKEA units than she has had bottles, but the concentrated look she has here was her determination to completely break open the dowel hole with the screwdriver.  Not that Grandad cared about that, he was just pleased that she was holding the screwdriver correctly...

Who am I to interfere?

She also helped to plumb in her little bathroom sink....

 ...and today helped to put some shelves up in the utility room.  Quite the dab hand at marking the walls with pencil (like Grandad does) and I love the improvised pencil holder...probably only until she learns to tuck it behind her ear.  Like Grandad.  No, LOVE Grandad. 


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  1. What adorable pictures! Although I am sure they would give some parents apoplexy. I'm speaking of the parents who like to keep their kids wrapped in bubble wrap. . . .