Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Spring

More chocolate!

Lesson in how to open an Easter Egg
There's something inside
We had a lovely celebration. We aren't religious - and getting less so the older we get - so we have decided to celebrate "Happy Spring". Next year I will get organised enough to have a yellow cloth for our dinner table and some nice "Springy" decorations (floral not metal - cheap joke. Sorry.) And of course egg-things.

Talking about egg-things, we are suddenly inundated with eggs; JUST as I have found some great crafty eggy projects and Spring/Easter is now over.  I'm sure anyone with chickens will agree when I say it is astonishing how you can go from planning how to best to use your last egg - not knowing when the next will come - to being 'egg city', within a blink of an eye.

It was very rainy and horrible here today so we decided to do C a little egg hunt in the house instead of outside as planned. Whilst she was asleep we put a couple of foil covered mini eggs inside partially blown up balloons and 'hid' them around the house, of course some of the balloons were empty.

When C 'found' a balloon (and after vigourous shaking) she popped the balloon with scissors to get out the eggs.  We did about 6 balloons in total and as many little eggs.  Great fun and definitely one to repeat next year.

 All in all it's been a chocolatey; rabbity; lazy; kind of a day - as you can see from the photos.  I suppose I should have made more effort to tidy C up for the photos but the child will insist on going out without shoes on; rolling around on the floor with the dogs; and brushing her hair herself (I do the knots on special occasions).  Anyway, what harm's a bit of mud; dirt; and chocolate when you're 2.

Easter Bunny

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