Monday, 30 April 2012

More fun on the swing

What with all the grotty rain we've been having it's just as well we have a decent sized inside space for C to burn off some energy.  C is going through her gross motor development phase, hence her twisting her body in the most unusual poses and NEVER keeping still until she crashes for a nap.  Yep, I can see all you "toddler owners" nodding in recognition.  So, what to do for someone who wants to use her growing muscles? Give her physical challenges of course.

The platform swing was the first swing we put up - just using IKEA swing brackets and a homemade platform.  It was a huge hit initially but to keep the swing 'fresh' we more recently swapped the platform swing for a "normal" swing.  C can sit on it but can't swing it herself yet - unless she is on her tummy, then she becomes fearless!

Just to add to the fun I suggested painting whilst swinging (the girl LOVES painting!).  As you can see in the vid it was a huge hit (playing in the roll of paper as much as the painting) and yes, she did get green hair.

We've also got a rope ladder and a set of rings waiting on top of the cupboard for as she gets stronger.  But TODAY - this morning in fact - C has reached another milestone - she has discovered how to do forward rolls.  I was just as excited as she was, but I was also a bit wary as she then insisted on doing them on the bed but doesn't have the spacial awareness not to fall off!  I'm looking at the still on the last video and she actually looks poised to do a forward roll, so I imagine the swing will be used for 'forward-rolling-over' before too long!

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