Saturday, 21 April 2012

One of those days

Yesterday was an overwhelming "too much" day.

Too much washing to do.
Floors too dirty.
Too many beds to change (although there are only two!).
Too many dishes to put away.
Too much hoovering to do.
Too much dust EVERYWHERE.

So what did we do?  Went out of course! Teeny weeny aka Scarlett doesn't really do 'cycling' so we had to go really slowly for her - which drew no complaints from me.

A leisurely cycle from home through the fields and puddles to the Post Office; buy an ice lolly; and a steady cycle back home, just 'being'.

The perfect antidote to a "too much day".

Through the puddles Nanny!  ALL of them.

Taken on the move on a mobile :)
GMG Bike seat which we LOVE

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