Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pio Pio Pio

Los pollitos dicen
Pío, pío, pío
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frío.

La gallina busca
El maíz y el trigo
Les da la comida
Y les busca abrigo.

Bajo sus dos alas
Se están quietecitos
Y hasta el otro día
Duermen los pollitos.


The chicks say
Pio, pio, pio
When they're hungry
When they're cold.

The hen looks for
Corn and wheat
She gives them food
And seeks shelter for them.

Under her two wings
They stay very still
And till the next day
The chicks sleep. 

This was C's favourite song for a long time (my mother is South American and sings it significantly better than I do - but C doesn't know how rubbish my accent is!).  So all chicks and chickens are "pio-pio" and cockerels are "cock-rels".

Every morning C and Grandad let the chickens out; feed them; water them and collect eggs (although they lay nearer to midday, are ours particularly lazy?)  Although rehoming the ex-batts has a definite feel-good factor, they are rubbish layers and quite cantankerous.

We look after the chickens

A gentle Orpington face!
Last year we decided we needed more layers as we had lost a couple of our ex-batt girls (no, we didn't eat them) and I wanted some pure bred Buff Orpingtons.  Buff Orpingtons, or Borps as I call them, look so cuddly and have a reputation for being very gentle and friendly - even the cockerels.

Friendliness is a big consideration when one has a small child - we do not tolerate any aggressive shenanigans as the roos in the freezer would tell you if they could...Brutus behaves himself and although he doesn't exactly jump up onto your lap for a cuddle, he is very respectful even if you are a short person who is digging mud pies near his ladies.   Obviously it goes without saying that we would never wholly trust Brutus - or the dogs (except Teeny Weeny, who is a very *special* dog) with C.

Two weeks left
Of the six Borp eggs we incubated last year, for some inexplicable reason 3 were 'dead in shell' and the 3 surviving chicks turned out to be cockerels.  So we are trying again this year.  We set the eggs last week and when C noticed the incubator I explained it was for the eggs to hatch out chicks.   This time I set them at midday, rather than midnight, so C should be awake when they start to pip.

We have just candled them - using a cardboard box and a Gorilla light and all six are fertile!  Only a looonnngggg two weeks waiting left.

Last year's chick

Homemade candler

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  1. Love these pictures! The last time we were at the Children's Museum, they were hatching out chicks. Unfortunately, none made it out while we were there. It can be a looonnng process, evidently!