Thursday, 26 April 2012


A certain 2 year old has decided that we need a few little finishing touches around the place.

Our oak floor was so passe; the dining table needed a shabby chic effect; and well a girl has to decorate her own house too - so the postman knows where to call of course.  Confused?  Let me elucidate...STICKERS.  They are bloomimg everywhere!  I did draw the line at the wall - not physically of course, we mustn't draw on walls - but as Grandad quite likes the new additions they will stay for the time being.

One end of the dining table

T'other end of the dining table...

On the floor...

"Butterfly House"

The last pic is actually C's current 'playhouse', a C-sized cardboard box with a bubblewrap flappy front door.  We have another HUGE box in the adjoining room which has been fashioned like a post box i.e. has a slit cut in the front and a flap at the back.  The 'postman' (sometimes me, sometimes C) collects the parcels (empty boxes - one of which is on the roof of the house) which have been posted in the postbox and delivers them to the 'Butterfly House' - so named because of the butterfly sticker.  The game was a great hit until we hit a sticky patch - C was happy to take her turn to be postman but I wasn't allowed to wait in her house!

And to think the Post Office/postman interest came about from something as simple, and clearly 2-year-old-unforgettable, as an ice lolly.

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  1. Yes you are very decorated there! So cute! I get decorated sometimes too, and I don't mean my house! Once I forgot to remove them before going shopping, oops!