Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tummy swings

A month or so ago we installed a swing in our utility/art room.  The inspiration came from this site and it was one of the best ideas I have nicked.

We have a few different attachments for it (the ceiling hooks came from IKEA); the first one we put up was the platform swing:

And more recently we have put up just a normal wraparound swing.  Although she can sit and balance in it (and move it with her feet) she prefers to lay on it tummy down and using hands and feet turn round and round until the ropes are wound up tight...then with arms and legs in the air it's 'lift off!', or to be more accurate, 'spin round'.

Yesterday C thought up a new game...trying to pick up whatever was on the floor that she could swing to within range - and as Grandad was putting shelves up that was quite a lot of stuff to choose from.  The game took a giggly, up-tempo turn when C grabbed Blossom-dog's cuddly toy.  Dog and child wrestled; tussled; and spun.   C on her tummy on the swing and Blossom trying to catch - and keep hold of 'her' teddy.

Dropped the tape measure and I have Bobo's (Blossom) teddy!

Chucklin' an' a chasin'

Come closer Bobo...

It's MINE - she's all 2 year old :)

 I would love to say that littlle game tired both dog and baby out for real...but no such luck!

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