Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Internet

It's amazing really.  Quite staggering.  My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Don't be late Simon.
C doesn't watch TV - hell, we don't watch TV (except when I have my 'date' with Simon Baker for one hour on a Friday evening).  We don't do Wii/Xbox or all the other techno stuff either.  Not because we are old, I hasten to add, but because we wanted to get away from the whole screen time thing and lead more productive lives spending time doing "other" things like photography; reading; and playing with C.  We don't want C to fall into the "screen trap" where life revolves around TV programmes or game levels (one holiday in Spain had a significant amount of time spent trying to prise 11 year old son away from Gameboy).  Screens are addictive - technology is addictive.

Sigh.  It's all very well having the best intentions but I need to practice what I preach.  I still spend far too blooming long in front of my PC - and there isn't as much banking; shopping; and photo-editing going on as I tell myself.

Evil book
Facebook is was my demon.  Bananagrams another.  Scrabble before Bananagrams and Flickr before Facebook.  Jeez, I have it bad.  Maybe Blogger will take over soon and I'll be needing to post every half hour!

So what to do? Step 1 was to delete my Facebook account.  Step 2, well I'll deal with step 1 first.  If you log on one day and I have suddenly disappeared then you'll know that step 1 isn't going well and I have to go internet cold turkey - a bit like taking the batteries out of my gameboy half way through a level.

I'll leave you with this funny which sums it all up:

"Honey could you order a pizza? I have been too busy pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest to make dinner."

So if you have arrived here through Facebook so you don't lose me you can "Follow By Email" or "Get Blog Updates" - top right - using the automatic widget things. 

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