Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Play invitations

I have written about "play invitations" before but as another blog that I sometimes dip into (The Imagination Tree)  have bought up the subject again, I thought I would expand on it with my own experience.

Firstly, I am not particularly crafty nor am I a Early Years aducator or expert, which is why I use a lot of the ideas from other blogs.  I particluarly like PAHM (the Play At Home Mom blog).  The trouble is that most blogs are based stateside and the materials and toys they have we just can't get here in the UK.  Well there is always the Bundlebox option but it does cost an extortionate amount of money in shipping.

Setting up invites to play works brilliantly in this house, it's fun for me to think up things and it gives me an opportunity to see what C really enjoys doing.  I have decided to follow The Imagination Tree example and blog about some of our "play invitations" from a "normal Nan" perspective.  I know every child is different but I will try to mention things like how long C played and what she did as I think it is worth knowing that the acitvity I spent 15 minutes setting up was "done" in 15 nanoseconds; an dis comforting to know that your child isn't the only one who prefers to pour a bottles content's out instead of using the caefully set up pipette.

I hope you find it useful.  First post coming up.


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