Friday, 18 May 2012

Spring Chicks

Welcome to the world little chick
We had 4 chicks hatch out in the incubator a couple of weeks ago.

One was fantastically timed as C actually got to watch it hatch - it was the quietest and most absorbed I have seen her for a long time.  Mind you her 23 year old uncle was fairly transfixed too!  This hatching malarkey can take AGES I'm telling you.  She has been talking about the eggs in the incubator for weeks and loves the "pio-pios", so I thought it fitting that I set up chicken-based invitations incorporating her favourite things which at the moment are building/magnets and hide and seek.

1.   Hide and seek
Wood shavings

Hubby bought back a sack of wood shavings from his workshop as bedding for the chicks.  I "hid" some plastic eggs with little chicks inside, in the shavings for her to find.  She then had the additional activity of matching up the coloured egg halves and chicks if she wanted.

Verdict:  She LOVED it.  She was very unsure about the texture of the shavings at first and used the  spoons and scoop but then she dug right in there wit both hands.  We had two little boys visit whilst this invitation was out and one of them in particular loved it too...driving his car/train through it and generally having a good dig.

2.  Building/magnets
The house that Nanny built

I was very luck to get some translucent magnatiles from America; we used translucent because of the light table but any magna tiles are great.  C LOVES LOVES LOVES them.  They are robust enough to stay standing up despite her cumbersome toddler handling; which means she can comfortably take off and add pieces practically anywhere (because of the magnets) without the whole structure collapsing.  I added the chicken and built this house to give her the idea of building houses.  Which she now loves doing.  Daily.

Verdict:  Still an ongoing activity weeks later.

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