Thursday, 21 June 2012

Auction fever....

"Auction fever" is a nasty bug.  Symptoms include itchy hands relieved only by giving money in exchange for, what can only be described as, TAT.  I'm not sure if "tat" has the same meaning to my non-UK readers.  You may call it junk.

Grandad and Uncle Luke returned from auction with a box of goodies including a guitar with a couple of strings and broken tuners; a little Tike car with a bent wheel; and the most hideous pot you ever did see.

"Tat" aka "junk" aka "rubbish" aka "auction fever"
They also bought a trampoline.

Now we have had long discussions in this house about whether to buy one for C or leave it until she is older, I guess that question has now been answered.  It came "as is" with no safety net; nor padding around the springs; nor ladder.  We um-ed and ah-ed about whether to buy these accessories, not from a cost point of view but ironically from a safety point of view and have decided to leave the trampoline as it is:

1. no safety net = no false sense of safety. We have seen children bouncing off the safety nets and playing more recklessly than they would otherwise, because they think they can't fall off.  There's a good reason Nanny says "stay in the middle" and if you fall off onto the grass you'll know why.

2. no ladder = no unsupervised play.  If she isn't big enough to get on by herself then she isn't big enough to play unsupervised.

3.  spring padding = creeping closer to the edge.  This follows on from 1.  C knows the metal is hard (she's banged it); she knows you can slip through the springs (she put her hand and foot through them - on purpose of course).  She also knows to stay in the middle and if you jump off of the middle you stop and go back to the middle again.
IMHO "safety features" not only give children a false sense of security but adults too.  I can imagine thinking "I'll just pop the washing on, C will be fine in her enclosed, padded jumping cell", when what I should have been doing was leaving the washing and standing trampoline-side saying "I see you've jumped off the middle"; to which she will reply "oh no - in the middle" before moving to jump again.
Who needs a ladder when you have a Grandad?
So, for the time being the trampoline stays.  As for the other tat, if you find you desperately need a broken guitar then email me.... 


  1. "Tat"--I love it. It's my new word.

    I share your concerns about trampolines, but they are a great way to get the wiggles out. And supervision is crucial for every activity with kids as young as C.

  2. Evidently C is a sensible girl.... If you had my two loons for more than half a day and several spectacular head dives and drives to A+E you would get the damn protection.... Just because it would save a lot of time getting stitches when you could be drinking coffee and knitting instead....