Monday, 13 August 2012

The animals came in two by two....

Wow, a WHOLE MONTH since I've blogged.

C continues to be interested in  obsessed with nursing, the milking variety rather than medical.  Poor Blossom and Scarlett (2 of our bitches) are constantly having to roll over for a "teat inspection"; even the cats (male and female) have had to endure a teat finding session - cats aren't terribly cooperative and it's every bit as difficult as it sounds I can tell you!  So although C has her nursing cat and nursing book she was very excited to actually get to do some milking herself.  Enter our new milking Nanny, Simone and her cheeky and immature goatling pal, Ashia.

Simone and Ashia are "part 3" (veggies were part 1 and chickens, part 2) of our self sufficiency plan, but more about them another time.  Part 4 and 5 followed on very quickly from part 3 - about 23 hours in fact, with the arrival of 2 weaner pigs ("piggy pig-pigs") and 2 lambs ("sheepy sheeps").  I'm guessing you can tell by the 'impersonal' names that these four are around for a specific purpose.  And a specific length of time too. 

So, it' been quite a month really.  As for C, she has taken it all in her stride - but was especially fascinated to find out that the pigs were actually gilts - and that even from the other side of the fence she could see their teats..... 


  1. More pictures. of everything. and if you shear those sheep let me buy the fleece!

  2. Happy to see you blogging again. What a cute story about C. Lactation is a process that is almost universally interesting to little ones!