Thursday, 6 December 2012

and 3,4,5

Where has the week gone?  It's been crazy busy and crazy cold.  So much for my plan to blog our daily countdown, daily.

Day 3:

Speaks for itself does day 3.  A simple but hugely enjoyable activity.
The perfect end to a busy, cold day and 'up there' in the spirit of a simpler Christmas.

Day 4:

This was an interesting one because it took C a moment to get into that she needed to find the water cooler *for real*.  She, and sometimes 'we', plays a lot of imaginary games with invisible objects so when I said "you need to find the water cooler", she launched into such an exaggerated search of the immediate vicinity that Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.  When I said "there's a present hidden there", she shot off down the hall and found the chocolate lollies that I had hidden inside.

One of the other "hiding place" cards I have is the front room cushion, which is big enough to hide a book behind.  There are more of these "treasure hunts" coming up and I'm sure she will need less prompting next time.


Ingredients:  Cookie cutters, fingers and a bottle top; acrylic paint; glitter ( I LOVE glitter); brown paper.

And another mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows if you fancy.

 I think it looks cute.  Just like the painter.

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  1. Love it! You've just reminded me of the year or 2 that Jasper and I printed rolls and rolls of brown paper with stripy rollers and spongey prints- the whole of the lounge was covered in drying paper and glitter and the cats had a field day! I was then really gutted when we wrapped everyones pressies in it and gave it all away, only to have ours wrapped in boring old shop paper as I realised that he would recognise the paper and realise the flaw in the FC story! These days I'm lucky if I wrap the bloody things at all..! K x