Sunday, 2 December 2012

Let the countdown begin...

We have forsaken the chocolate advent calendars and gone for a kind of "combine-what-needs-doing-with-loves-doing-with-giving" calendar.  I was busily a-cutting and a-sticking and a-gluing (ouchy ouch, hot glue guns and me don't really go) to get ready for our "countdown tree".

Luckily, C is unable to comprehend time, and thus the fact that there should be 24 sleeps and "things to do", on the tree instead of 23.  Ho hum, next year.

The small fake tree in the playroom has envelopes hanging from the branches with a little card inside.  Each card gives the activity, or shows a photo of the hiding place of a small gift (e.g. I have taken a photograph of one of the lounge cushions), for that day.  My two used to love doing treasure hunts so this is just a variation on that really.

Today was our Day 1.........

So off we went to Elveden Estates for a wonderfully festive couple of hours out to pick our Christmas tree.  Each year, volunteers and their Newfoundlands pull your tree to your car on little carts for the cost of a  donation, which then gets split between local charities. Some years the dogs have sported beetle boppers or fairy wings - I saw one in a tutu this year but missed the photo opportunity.  The dogs appear to love the fuss and people love seeing them so it's win win.

We had friends for dinner; jobs to catch up on; and pork to mince so it's just as well that we are including deocrating the tree as part of our countdown, with a heavy emphasis on homemade decorations.  I would like to say it's for sentimental or environmental reasons but actually it's all part of my 'simpler christmas' plan.  Tomorrow's "count down" actvity?  Making paper chains to decorate the tree with of course!

Happy December!

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