Monday, 3 December 2012

Our day 2 (everyone else's 3!)

Today we made paper chains. Eventually.

It took a little while for me to figure out that varying the amount of spit didn't make a jot of difference and that I didn't need  the glue stick.

The design has been changed.

Nowadays there is just a little square of glue on one end that was nigh impossible to detect without close scrutiny.  Sticking problem now solved (although C preferred by this stage to still use the glue stick) we set about assembling our chains.

I haven't made chains for many years and it was very therapeutic with quick results (essential for a toddler - and me!).

Armed with enough chains to get us started, we set about getting the tree in situ, arranging the fairy lights and setting the tree train up for another year!

This box is heavy Grandad

A dry run

Christmas Express - late, just like the real thing!
"Choo choo" and paper chains
C's chains on her count-down tree

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